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— Sunday, December 17, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:40:06 AM ET

Designer Diary #4 and Superfan Contest

The fourth designer diary has been posted, comparing the two sides of GDI and Nod. It includes five new screenshots as well, and gives an overview of the various techniques used by each side (hint: just like in TS, GDI uses overwhelming firepower; Nod is predicated on stealth, surprise, and speed). Here's a snip from the GDI page:
GDI was forged out of an alliance of the modern military powers of the late 20th century. GDI believes in the tried-and-true method of deploying highly trained personnel with the most reliable and proven technology of the day. Heavily armored vehicles, high-tech aircraft, and cutting-edge space weapons allow GDI to establish a formidable presence on the field, but at the expense of agility. GDI armies look and feel familiar, but they allow you to live out the fantasy of next-generation warfare with futuristic military weaponry.

Most GDI players prefer solid head-on tactics that overwhelm the enemy. Very often GDI players will build a strong economy supporting a well-defended base. Offensive forays include massive armor forces and tank rushes that can smash anything in their path, with orca scout aircraft deployed to take out choice targets. The need for flanking and retreating is somewhat diminished by the heavy armor of the vehicles, but this comes at the cost of speed. Who has time to worry about that stuff anyway? Let the Nod raider buggies do donuts in the desert while GDI tanks roll directly into their base!
You can read the full piece here. There's also a trailer that came with the diary which gives some nice in-game footage, particularly of Vertigo bombers, Nod's Stealth bomber.

Finally, EA also announced their Superfan contest. If you can make a video showing why you are a C&C Superfan, and if you are above the age of 18, EA will fly you to EALA for two days to playtest C&C 3, an ultimate experience. Full details at 1UP.