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— Wednesday, December 13, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:34:09 PM ET

C&C 3 News

Quite a bit has been happening at the community summit in LA and in various publications. Here's what can be told already:
  • Predator posted an update recently about the summit. There's not much substance to it, but you can read it on the official forums.
  • The Pre-Order pack (available from various retailers) contains the following additional bonuses:
    * Gamestop exclusive Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars in-game map
    * Gamestop exclusive Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars wallpaper
    * Command and Conquer Gold, the complete game
    * Exclusive Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars trailer
    * Exclusive Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars wallpaper
    * A glimpse of the making-of video included in the Kane Edition C&C 3 collector's pack
    * Glimpse at the Full Motion Videos – in-game actor cut scenes
    * GDI Tips and Strategy video
  •  The January issue of PC Gamer has an interview with EA Senior Development Director Chris Corry. He discusses a lot of the features in C&C 3 that enhance the "gaming-as-a-sport" feel. Here's an outline, courtesy of of CNCDen:
    * Integrated clan support allows players to practice together, learn from each other, and compete cooperatively with your friends.
    *Online profiles, leader boards, and ladders will help to create an appeaing online community.
    *Match Broadcasts will allow players to televise their matches to other C&C3 players. Even people who don't own the game will be able to watch by downloading a free 'Spectator Client'. Literally hundreds of people can watch you play a game.
    *The 'Commentary' and 'Telestrator' feature will allow the match host to designate someone as a commentator. The commentator will have camera control, the ability to provide VOIP color commentary, a use of the telestrator to draw circles around areas of interest, and point to key units and structures. A good commentator can attain community fame just like in real life sports.
  • Expecting aliens in C&C 3? You'll get them. What does Scrin mean? Consult an old English dictionary. What does this mean? You'll find the Scrin mentioned more in the Tiberian Sun INI files than the Tiberium Wars ones, I think.