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— Wednesday, December 6, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:46:36 PM ET

Predator Comments on C&C 3 specs

Predator has answered the many calls for some information on the minimum computer specifications required for C&C 3. In a post on the Planet CNC forums, he said:
The C&C 3 min spec will be very similar to BFME 2. Expect a GeForce 3 minimum requirement and most likely 512MB of RAM.

We are of course constantly optimizing and have not solidified the min spec, but if you can't run BFME II at low res...then you are in trouble.... You can build a helluva machine for less than $1000, even $500. If it were me, I wouldn't be playing PC games on anything less than an NVIDIA 6600GT, at least a gig of ram, and a 2.0+ processor, and for most games, thats about the middle of the road, maybe even kind of low surprisingly. At home I play on a 3.0GHZ processor, 2 GIGS of ram, and an NVIDIA 7800 256MB GT. I can play pretty much all games at high or ultra high and the experience is smooth and gorgeous...my machine is easily worth less than $1000.
So that's pretty much what you expected. I do caution that I'd definitely want to be in the upper part of the recommended range if you want to see a lot of C&C 3's new visuals.