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— Monday, November 27, 2006 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:25:08 PM ET

TPoHW Update

The November update for The Power of High-Tech Warfare Mod has been posted.  Here's a snip from the newspost:
The first pictures of the TPoHW Fortress mode have been released in the gallery. As the name implies, you build a fortress in this game type. A Citadel and a wall will be built when the game starts. In this game mode, a rush in the first minutes of the game is almost impossible because units can be destroyed at the wall easily. Be warned: your enemy is able to upgrade this wall with turrents and units for further defense. A player loses the game once his Citadel is destroyed: protect this structure - at all costs!
Check out the TPoHW website for more!  Here's a few of the new screenshots that have been released: