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— Sunday, November 19, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 7:28:51 AM ET

New Mike Verdu Blog

Executive Producer Mike Verdu has published a new blog entry titled "A Little About Tiberium" in which he explains a bit of the background of Tiberium. There's not a lot of new information there, but it's a good introduction to some of the setting for C&C 3. Here's a snip:
During the lull between the Second and Third Tiberium Wars, GDI deployed sonic resonators to slow down the spread of the crystal in key Yellow Zones. GDI has even managed to reclaim some territory almost completely… to the point where small areas in a German Yellow Zone have been transformed into Blue Zones. This patchwork of reclaimed territory has been dubbed "New Eden"by the GDI leadership… and this amazing feat is being celebrated in the early months of 2047.

When C&C 3 opens, GDI has restored some sense of hope for the future. Unfortunately for them, Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod have other ideas about the spread of Tiberium, the fate of the planet Earth, and the destiny of the human race.
You can read the full piece here. In addition, I may as well plug my own piece about Tiberium from early this year, which might give some more information for those of you interested in it; check out the The Essence of Tiberium for more on the subject.