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— Tuesday, November 7, 2006 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:36:16 PM ET

A Bit of Community News

CnC Source reports about a post Predator made on the Official C&C Forums in regards to the recent news steam - or rather lack thereof - regarding C&C 3 info. Here's what he had to say:
We will be sharing more of the science about Tiberium in the coming months with interviews from the MIT scientists who did a lot of the research.

Beyond that, our Executive Producer Mike Verdu has not found the amount of critical time necessary to finish his blog on Tiberium.

Right now, they are doing some more shoots for the FMV's with Josh Holloway, he is going to try and get some more of the blog finished and polished this weekend while this takes place.

I'm extremely hopeful that we'll have this blog up and ready for you guys soon.
We'll be showcasing more insight on GDI, discussing Tiberium more in-depth, and you will likely to get to see another fantastic gameplay trailer, footage on Mechs, we have a lot coming. Please understand information comes in waves, we can't always have new info every week or every day.

Certainly, I'll be trying to get some more flow of info out there, but we do have a lot planned for this month.
And so it seems we shall continue to wait patiently.