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— Tuesday, October 10, 2006 —

Posted By: AuroraAlphaHL2 at 6:21:17 AM ET

Blitzkreig's New Patch

Blitzkreig 2, which released a new version of their mod a little bit over a week ago, is asking for your help in finding a bug. On their homepage:

The bad news is, online gameplay seems to run into mismatches most of the time. We are trying very hard to find the source of this, and we require your help with this. Whoever finds the source of the mismatches, gets the following prize:

  • A custom map/challenge/mission to his/her specifications.

Map should preferably be in Europe, Africa is an option as well. Asia or America are not recommended.

  • Ask 2 units of his/her choice, that are not yet in Blitzkrieg II, but which were really contructed/designed, to be included on the map.

These units must have operated in Europe, or must have been intended to be used in Europe. They must have either been constructed or designed (example; the P1000 Ratte was designed. Flying saucers were not.) Units must have designs that are usable in Zero Hour, if you win the prize, you will be consulted on this. Units may include buildings.

  • Become a beta tester for new Blitzkrieg2 releases.

You can find more info Here.

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