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— Sunday, October 1, 2006 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:21:49 PM ET

New Zero Hour Map, Missions

This week we added a new Zero Hour map to our downloads section, as well as two new Zero Hour missions.  The Zero Hour map is 1v1 stronghold, by sammy.

The two Zero Hour Missions are both by beng:
China Mission 7 for Zero Hour v1.2
China Mission 7 (Nuclear Winter) from Generals, modified for Zero Hour, with a couple of new units added in. You play as a Nuke General and the GLA will use new zero hour units and tactics. You get Super Lotus and China Secret Agent hero types.

Click Here to Download
America Mission 8 for Zero Hour
General Alexander, intel reports that the GLA have stolen equipment from the Khazakstan state circus, and also agricultural aircraft from cotton farms near the Aral sea. They also raided General Shi-Tao's base to the south, and stole a consignment of Overlord gattling cannons before the Chinese could mount them on their tanks. We do not know what they have done with this equipment. It is up to you to defeat the GLA in this region and demonstrate that America is the only superpower in the world.

Click Here to Download
And remember, if you want to submit your own Generals or Zero Hour map, you can head on over to our Submit a Map page!
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