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— Saturday, September 30, 2006 —

Posted By: AuroraAlphaHL2 at 9:39:15 PM ET

Blitzkreig 2 Release 2.6.15

Zero Hour mod Blitzkreig 2: The Finest Hour has released version 2.6.15 of their mod. Here are some of the new features:

Basic rifle infantry (new models for the Russian soldiers btw) will now no longer use AT grenades. Instead each side has an anti-tank weapon which disables rather than destroys the enemy tank. However their main role is to kill infantry at range, and also to shoot them out of buildings.

SMG infantry are the new addition, and are more geared towards close-ranged combat. They mow down rifle infantry at close range, and also can use smoke grenades. They have HE grenades which will clear out a building faster than riflemen can do it, but only from a closer range.

Light tanks now have a more clearly defined role in the early game as a heavy machinegun platform. Infantry will have a hard time taking one out, as they are only really vulnerable to the dedicated AT infantry. They are exceptionally nasty units to large groups of intanry, and provided they have soldiers to take out any AT men, they can clear a street very fast.

You can find more information Here.

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