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— Friday, September 29, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:08:17 PM ET

C&C 3 Newsletter

The latest C&C 3 newsletter has been mailed out. Here are the highlights:
  • The publication of a supposed GDI dossier on Kane. While some parts are blacked out, it contains a basic overview of some of the Kane myth. Of course, during all the interesting parts, it seems every key noun or adjective is blacked out, making it of slightly less value.
  • A short video transmission from Kane, as he repeats a key point of his, and Nod's, message.
  • A new Black Hand wallpaper, available in four different sizes.
  • The next podcast will be October 6th, by Predator. Maybe we'll get an update on Apoc then.  We're sure to hear about some gameplay issues, including a rationalization for why EA is including infantry squads in Command & Conquer 3.
  • A new post by Mike Verdu on the official C&C 3 blog, with details on why GDI technology in 2047 is closer to the Tiberian Dawn units than the Tiberian Sun ones, and with an overview of some Nod technology. Here's a snip:
    GDI walkers from the Second Tiberium War (TW2) were hugely expensive to build and maintain. They were also quite temperamental on the battlefield. The advantages conferred by their all-terrain capabilities were offset by cost, poor reliability, and easily exploited vulnerabilities. The only mech left in GDI service in 2047 is the huge Mk III Juggernaut mobile artillery system – a direct descendant of the Mk I Juggernaut in TW2. The Mk III is based on a Mk II Titan chassis with a new turret and crew pod, upgraded cannons, and a next generation fire control system. Because these vehicles are intended for indirect fire support and are not expected to be on the front lines, the advantages conferred by all-terrain navigation were deemed worthy of the risks.
  • Also, here's an in-game look at the Nod Avatar:
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