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— Tuesday, September 5, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:58:00 AM ET

Commercial Advertising in C&C 3?

(Thanks Lion) According to Yahoo, EA has agreed to "Offer Dynamic In-Game Advertising on Xbox 360 and PC Titles." That is, place advertising in game based on the current action or other factors. Could this affect C&C 3? Predator answers:
Hey guys,

Ingame advertising is nothing new these days, its all over the place in games now. With respect to this development team, currently we don't have any intention of placing in-game ads in the Tiberium universe. No, Tiberium Coke will not be in the game, and the first person to mod one, should have to drink a can of it themselves first :o)

If any type of advertising were to appear in our game, it would not be during the actual gameplay experience, and it would be subtle in a sense that it wouldn't affect your play experience at all, thats the last thing we want to do. You won't be seeing TV ads after the EA logo, hehe.

Do not worry, we're not about to put Sprite and Coke cans littered around the world of a Tiberium infected Earth, no thank you sir.
Since we're going to be paying $50 or more for a game that EA knows will sell well, I think keeping it advertising free should be the basic minimum. Instead of focusing on ways to sneak ads in that won't distract us from the gameplay, maybe a greater concern should be making sure the game is good enough so that when playing it, we don't want to be distracted.