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— Sunday, September 3, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:20:36 AM ET

Predator Responds

Over at the offical forums, EA Apoc Predator posted a response to some recent points of criticism about C&C 3:
-Concerning Absence of Mobile Bases
Predator: This is a far cry of falsehood. Mobile Bases are NOT taken out, you still have your MCV which can move anywhere on the map. You can build a base, pack up your MCV and move it somewhere else. The original mobile base design had something on a similar plane to the Terran in Starcraft, but we've scoped away from that for more than just balance reasons, I cannot discuss all the reasons in length. The MCV is plenty mobile. I think you will find some nice surprises. Not having a huge fortress to move around the map isn't the end of the world either.

-No Buildable Navy?
Predator: When was it a crime for a development team to make a design decision that fits the style of game they are building? Once you get the game in hand, and see the intense action, I think you'll transpire past Navy. I personally like Navy in RTS games and am not disagreeing persay, but I go with whats best for the design of the game. There is a compromise to a degree, you have the Aircraft Carrier.

-Head Spinning Fast...Fluid Gameplay
Predator: Fast fluid fun, you guys are misinterpreting as an RTS game that will be over in a few clicks. Please do not misinterpret this saying. Fast fluid and fun means when you click the button, the action happens, your units move instantly, means also, we want you to get into the action quickly and have a fluid explosive experience. This is an RTS game, so expect a high level of strategy. Don't undermine before you don't know anything about what the game will offer strategically. We have plenty of strategic options planned that we haven't discussed at all yet. Remember, the gameplay video was just a demonstration, not the final end result. We'll be tuning balance and speed until the last second thru thousands of hours of playtesting as APOC always liked to say.