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— Friday, August 25, 2006 —

Posted By: Mike at 7:10:46 AM ET

Another Preview, Videos from the Leipzig Convention

GameSpot has released yet another preview article, this time detailing their impressions of a GDI vs Nod multiplayer battle they witnessed.  There's not too much new information in the article -- it rehashes some of the same information about Nod -- except for some interesting details about how some Nod units (such as the Stealth Tank) operate.  So thus it's worth the read -- here's a piece from the article:
In practice, as we saw, Nod tends to be proficient at hit-and-run tactics, while the GDI remains a solid choice for continuously building up successively stronger forces and eventually steamrolling opponents. Nod can build up quickly with militants and fanatics, who can join up with attack bikes and raider buggies for quick raids along with the speedy scorpion tank. Many of Nod's lower-level units seem to have excellent speed--the midlevel stealth tank, which can turn mostly invisible if it hasn't fired on an enemy for several seconds, is alarmingly fast and seems like an almost-perfect raiding unit, except that it's very fragile and is easily destroyed by enemy fire.
You can read the article in its entirety here. It does have a link to what seems to be a new Mike Verdu video as well, though there's, again, not a lot of new info.

Also, PlanetCNC has posted some more videos from the Leipzig Gaming Convention.  The videos closely resemble the gameplay videos released on IGN a couple days ago, except these contain Verdu's narration.  So if you're interested in hearing more about what exactly you saw in those videos, they're definitely worth the download.

One final note: At the Leipzig show, according to PlanetCNC member Junker (who provided the videos described above), Mike Verdu publicly apologized for the Generals Ladder Kit that never materialized.  Long-time Generals fans may remember that EA had promised to provide a ladder kit for webmasters to employ in community-based ladder initiatives in lieu of an official ladder.  Indeed, there had been plans in the works for an official "community ladder" supported by all of the major Command & Conquer fansites, but these plans never saw the light of day due to the lack of the ladder kit itself.
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