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— Saturday, July 29, 2006 —

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C&C 3 July Podcast

The July edition of the C&C 3 podcast is available at the official C&C 3 site. HeXetic, from Planet CNC has a good bulletpoint summary of some of the key items mentioned:
* Silos are IN, and you can steal enemy money out of them.
* 80% of the world's population lives in Yellow Zones
* Zone Troopers (possibly among other infantry units) aren't vulnerable to Tiberium fields, but others are.
* Red Zones have a lot of Tiberium, so expect higher-money battles with faster powering-up.
* Even totally farmed-out fields of Tiberium will eventually grow back, but you can't just expect to nurse your "starter" field through a whole match. Tiberium harvesting is faster in the begining of the match when there's a lot of it on the map.
* Nod plays the "good guys" (sorta) in the Yellow Zones, where they bring food etc. to the neglected poor folk who live there. Champions of the oppressed and all that, yadda yadda.
* EA is trying to make C&C3 a "fast-paced" game
* Multiple refineries and harvesters are absolutely back in, and GDI has "familiar tactics still available".
* Fan feedback (that's YOU) about the initial Tiberium shots showing "big crystals" has been heard and Mike Verdu said they made the (harvestable) crystals smaller.
* Mike Verdu says he "comes across as GDI", but he's "subversive at heart". Jason Bender says, "Peace Through Power - Nod has style".
* At Leipzig, EA will be showcasing the first real-time multiplayer GDI versus Nod match, and there will be a "big announcement" that Mike Verdu thinks "will mean a *lot* to Command & Conquer fans"
* One of the factions will have an "interesting, unique" and "tactical" use of Tiberium - that you'll want to be "very close to Tiberium when you're using their units"
There's also mention of a big announcement coming at the Leipzig convention in Germany at the end of August. The smart money says that Kane will be featured there. Head to www.commandandconquer.com for the download.
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