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— Thursday, July 20, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:25:12 PM ET

Atlantis: Tides of War Announced

Noted community member James Ward has announced a new mod Atlantis: Tides of War. As he writes:
Atlantis: Tides of War is the first Generals Total Conversion to attempt to change the game in to something besides land combat. This project will, over time, convert Generals in its entirety to a game of submarine warfare - and I'll assure now, it's not what you're expecting! Combat in the world of Atlantis: Tides of War takes place many thousands of feet beneath the surface of the ocean in the year 2041 amongst the many underwater colonies and cities of the world's major powers. Subfighters rule the world of high-speed combat while lumbering submersible battlecruisers and carriers exchange salvos of torpedo fire at a level never previously imagined. The new UN - the United Earth Oceans - is a nation in itself; a massive alliance of European and American powers (along with Japan) who have banded together their military strength to fight the growing threat of the Macronesian Alliance - a union of Pacific nations from Australia to Tonga and beyond - who gained much wealth by exploiting the massive deposits of natural resources scattered across the abyssal plains of the Pacific.
Sounds interesting and unique. I wonder if it eventually will be released for C&C 3 and not Zero Hour. More details about the mod here.