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— Sunday, July 16, 2006 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:39:14 PM ET

Single-Player Mission Maps Added

I added 3 new single-player mission maps to Generals World today: Guantanamo Bay: Operation Cuban Freedom and Bushehr: Operation Partisans' Challenge by beng for Zero Hour, and Mission Dambreaker by Mapmaker for the original Generals.

Bushehr: Operation Partisans' Challenge Version 1.5 (Zero Hour)
Scenario: The Americans have invaded Iran and have captured the coastal city of Bushehr. The GLA only have a few buildings left in a small base and no room to build more, but they have some new secret weapons up their sleeve.

Author: beng

Download The Mission
Guantanamo Bay: Operation Cuban Freedom (Zero Hour)
Scenario: The map is set in between Zero Hour GLA missions 3 (On the Waterfront) and mission 4 (Jarmen Kell and the Forty Thieves). Intro map provides mission background information.
Briefing: My General, we have dealt a fatal blow to the US Mediterranean fleet by sinking their aircraft carrier, USS Reagan, off Matala, Crete. However, Jarmen Kell and some of our operatives were captured by the enemy in that operation, and they are being taken via CIA plane to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Author: beng

Download The Mission

Mission Dambreaker (Generals Only)
This is a Single Player mission set in day conditions. You are the GLA and must build up your troops to destroy a dam and release a wave to destroy the Chinese forces. No one has yet made a wave like this so enjoy this rare treat. NOTE: read special instructions included.

Author: Mapmaker

Download The Mission

For more maps for Generals and Zero Hour, be sure to check out the Generals World Maps Section. And if you have a single player mission or other map you wish to submit to the downloads section, just visit the Submit a Map page!

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