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— Saturday, July 15, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:40:23 PM ET

Further Apoc Comments

Aaron 'Apoc' Kaufman, community manager for C&C, posted the following over at CNC Den:
Command & Conquer 3 will continue to cater to modders, and I will continue driving towards releasing more tools like a particle editor down the road. I've seen a lot of what EAW offered in modding thru XML and have taken that feedback to the development team a long time ago, so rest assured, this Mod SDK is the 1st step.

My goal is to give this RTS community the best modding tools in the RTS scene and then attempt to make those FPS boys know who we are. You guys make some amazing mods and deserve more recognition by the PC community.

I'm personally exhausted of seeing FPS mods steal the show all the time when there are some incredible mods out there for Zero Hour for example. Don't get me wrong, all due respect to FPS modders, they deserve the attention they get for sure, I would just like to see some more open eyes on the RTS mod scene, there definitely is one, and quite frankly, Zero Hour is the most modded RTS game in my opinion :-)

As for Renegade, unfortunately, thats a whole nother bag of marbles and modding tools. Certainly, I have no intention of dropping support, i'll do the best I possibly can with the resources I have, but with this 1st Mod SDK, the focus is on our RTS modding community. Renegade has a very properous modding community, and anyone is welcome to e-mail me requests that would help that modding scene out.
For the Renegade modders he mentioned, the SDK released yesterday has been modified by Saberhawk to work for Renegade; more details on the Renegade forums.