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— Tuesday, June 20, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 7:40:03 PM ET

Apoc Comments on the MCV

Community Manager Aaron 'Apoc' Kaufman weighed in on the development of C&C 3, specifically with regard to the current to MCV or not to MCV debate going on in the community:
...I don't think any game, ANY game, has ever been scrutinized so much right down to the very pixel as C&C 3 Tiberium Wars has been thus far, and its a testament to this community that we are arguing over the MCV, the MCV!!!!

I get it, we're talking about a major focal point of the gameplay.

Alright, well let me say something, a bit of a reveal on the MCV and there will be plenty more down the road, its too early to delve too deeply in to it. We don't want to tie players hands, but we want to streamline into a very fast game style.

Here is one piece of info I can discuss that we are working with on the MCV. We don't want to restrict the user to producing only one unit at a time (i.e. one tank at a time, one infantry at a time, etc).

Currently, The sidebar automatically acts like the Generals interface whenever you click on a building by using an additional tab containing a contextual space for whatever building is selected. This allows you to build units from multiple structures at once, but also see your construction options while away from your base. Shouldn’t be a problem producing more than one unit at a time.

Thats my tidbit of insight and there is A LOT more we are working with. We hear you on this argument. We admit that part of the reason for bringing back the MCV is for the fans and for nostalgia, but, we are changing up the gameplay mechanic use of it so its more up to date with current RTS standards, brings a new dimension to gameplay, and still carries that MCV feel that ALL of you love about C&C.

The MCV will not slow down gameplay, it will not produce repetitive matches, and it will not ruin the first 3 mins of a match which are so important to the hardcore.

I think the hardcore and single player minded folks will find a happy medium in the system as you learn more about it.

Its great to argue right now, but we're still very early in defining exactly how the MCV will work and we are listening to the community because it is a very VERY big deal.

Thank you for listening,
As I may be repeating as time goes on here, I think the MCV is something distinctly Command and Conquer....;)