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— Friday, June 16, 2006 —

Generals World Forum member SSPX may have found a link between the new Command and Conquer 3 and either Command and Conquer Generals (along with Zero Hour) or Red Alert 2.
It's a possibility I spotted...
Could CNC 3's storyline be linked with CNC Generals???
(SSPX later changed the image to show the Red Alert 2 Allied symbol for comparison)
The original story line set by EA was Red Alert, Command and Conquer, Tiberian Sun, and finally Command and Conquer 3.
Then again, Blbpaws argues that:
The general consensus seems to be that it's simply placeholder art, and any attempt by EA to connect those storylines would be an egregious mistake.
Will EA change the story line just like they have changed many other aspects of the Command and Conquer Universe or will EA stick to their original plot line? Or is could this possibly be placeholder art that EA has used by mistake? Only time will tell.

Read the discussion here.
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