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— Monday, June 12, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:03:29 PM ET

Banshee Rant

Over at Project Perfect Mod, one of the voices of relative reason in the community, Banshee, posted a rant detailing EA's failures with The First Decade, and how we can expect this to translate to C&C 3, including the area of community support. Here's a snip:

One of the inovations of this new game is their focus on the story, single player experience. Thank God they finally noticed the main atribute that made the first C&C sell a lot and become a major hit, which was a well made campaign with a great storyline. Of course, multiplayer is very attractive as well and help sales. Anyway, they've made a C&C bible and hired MIT scientists to explain the tiberium. But even with all these efforts, they seemed to have lost some consistence with the old C&C tiberium games. Their tiberium doesn't follow the behaviour from the old tiberium and the lack of blue tiberium is the best way to ignore Tiberian Sun. But as I said, they are on early development stage and they still have time to sort these problems, but I still predict a gameplay very similar to Generals. Afterall, all Battle For Middle Earth games are played similarly to Generals and they had completely different universes. But now, C&C 3 comes with MCV and sidebar. But there is a high possibility that the MCV is actually a dozer with a new name. For now, we don't know much about it yet.

Full thing at PPM. I think it's important that the failure of TFD be addressed by EA, and specifically by Aaron Kaufman. In what was essentially the first product since he took over as Community Liason, EA delivered an out-sourced, poorly thought-out, horrible product that failed in just about every respect. Putting aside the fact that EA and Aaron claimed to have a development team dedicated to the product, a very questionable assertion, the product's failure to deliver has to be addressed, I believe, in order for some semblance of trust to be restored in the information given about C&C 3.