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— Friday, June 2, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:25:05 AM ET

More Info on Unofficial C&C 3 Design Contest

Over at Planet CNC, they're taking submissions for their Unofficial C&C 3 Design contest. From the post:
They will be rated on:

1. Logic of the entry (this includes plausibility - can it work - and following canon - so no ORCA's for Nod)
2. Originality (this extends now to what we already know about C&C3; don't send me Mammoth Tanks!)
3. Deeper meanings (which you need to figure out on your own

...with a fourth category, "wild card" category in which artistic talent and just how much I/we like it are judged. Submissions can be in any visual format, including 3D models. A description of what it is you've created is also required and I strongly recommend you make it a good one.
You can submit them to comradealexeo@planetcnc.com. Good luck!