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— Saturday, May 27, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:59:58 PM ET

Apoc Defends C&C 3 Title

Aaron 'Apoc' Kaufman, community manager for EA, posted a response to the criticism of the game title: 'C&C 3: Tiberium Wars':
Hey guys,

I've explained this before in a previous thread, but I shall do it again, hence the name of "Tiberium Wars"

Tiberium: Mysterious substance discovered in 1995 near the Tiber River in Italy.

Tiberian: Of or relating to the substance Tiberium, its molecular makeup, effects on the surrounding environment or history

In Tiberian Sun they did not fight over the sun. It was a descriptor of the new stage of Tiberium growth and progress. In Tiberium Wars this is actually the name of the war. Not to get too deep just yet but Tiberium Wars is actually the 3rd Tiberium War if you didn't put 2&2 together yet...Wait that equals 4, but you get my lingo :o)

So, hopefully that will make logical sense. GDI and Nod are not fighting over "Tiberian", they are fighting over "Tiberium", hence the name "Tiberium Wars".

The title of the game grows on you once you think about it and understand the logical sense, and I think we save face by holding to our choice here. We don't want to keep back pedaling. You don't need to always be cliche in a title and have continuity in the sub-title. The continuity is in the franchise name "Command & Conquer". Tiberium Wars is a continuation of a story in the C& C universe in the "Tiberian Storyline". I know it gets confusing, but think about the literal meaning of the title and it makes sense.

We fully understand what some of the intended titles were back in the day, but now that we are officially announced, the offiical title is Tiberium Wars :o)

Remember, continuity comes in the actual story and the franchise name Command & Conquer. And there is plenty of continuity because this is the 3rd Tiberium War.

I'll admit myself that Tiberian Twilight is a very cool name, but it doesn't conotate the story of C&C 3 well, of which you guys will learn a lot about in the coming months and when you actually play the game of course.

We're building a next generation C&C game that is true to the spiriti of this classic franchise, universe, and story.

It will all make sense guys...
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