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— Sunday, May 21, 2006 —

Posted By: Mike at 9:35:30 AM ET

Article: The Essence of Tiberium

Blbpaws continues Generals World's multipart series on the Origins and History of Command & Conquer with an examination of The Essence of Tiberium, including the history surrounding it, speculation as to its origins, and the substance's unique properties. From the article:
Save for perhaps Kane, the most defining element of Command and Conquer's story is Tiberium. Tiberium is a plant-like substance that spreads all over the planet it infests: Earth. Tiberium is also an immensely valuable resource. Both Nod and GDI harvest it and use the profits to fund their respective war machines--though we are told Nod is more willing to do so than GDI is--and as such Tiberium figures heavily into the outcome of the war. Here, we'll look at the people surrounding Tiberium, its supposed secret, as well as its dangerous and unique composition and structure. In addition, we know enough to speculate about its alien properties and their causes, and to compare it to a similar substance seen in another Westwood Studios game.
Continue reading part 2 of The Origins and History of CnC here! The article's a good read for both those who are new to Command & Conquer lore and those who are familiar with its intricacies.