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— Thursday, May 18, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:35:14 PM ET

APOC Answers

APOC has answered a few community questions for all of us:
--*QUESTION 1: Is This a rushed game?: If you didn't notice EA has been taking a new stance on this yearly progression with at least some of their games and giving more time rather than rushing it out. Look at the delay of Medal of Honor Airborne and Superman, classic example of not rushing one game out for the holidays and another in time for the movie. That is the new EA direction, and to answer your question directly, C&C 3 is not being rushed. We've been doing a lot of pre- production on it for quite a while and it won't be something we churned out overnight Surprised) Look at BFME 2 if you want quality reassurance.

-- *QUESTION 2: Will we see more?: We've all heard that there are more than 3 sides this time, very interesting and new, sound like alot of fun to me, BUT, Generals lacked something that I fear C&C 3 might

Will we see more everything? If more everything means simply diversity in units then the answer is a resounding yes. The 3 factions in the game won't look anything like each other and will all play completely different. I can't go in to details, but thats the bottom line.

-- *QUESTION 3: Advertising Vs. Reality: I know firsthand about this topic because I personally created the screenshots AND videos for The Battle for Middle-earth II and its very important to us to showcase the game in its truest form. Now from a marketing and development standpoint, we'd be absolutely dumbfounded to show you simplistic parts of the game, like say two tanks shooting at each other, there is no new innovation or cool factor in that. Our screenshots and videos will all look awesome, and they will all be representative of the game, we won't cheat corners or show you something that isn't in the game. And if we do show something that ends up changing for one reason or another, we'll tell you. That is another reason why you haven't seen hardly any of the game yet, because we want to make sure when we do show it to you, that we are showing you the reality Surprised)

How good is it, really? We see the poster for the "official" site, yeah I admit that must have taken alot of time and thought for its creation, but:

Our official site is nothing more than a simple teaser site that we crafted in 1 day just so we could have something up by the announcement with a link to The First Decade site, newsletter, and message boards. Thats the truth....there will be a very high quality full feature site later in the Summer.

-Is the same time, work, and quality going to be in the game itself? Of course it is

-Will you push it to fit on more CD's if you have to, instead of cramming it on 2 and cutting out alot of things? - BFME II was put on 5 CD's which is nearly the equivalent of a single DVD, Half Life 2 was the same. So 2 Cd's? No way, we'll cram as much as we technically possibly can on the maximum amount of space just like anyone else would.

- Will the gameplay be smooth and will the game itself have more ability for customization?

The gameplay will be fast, fun, and fluid as Mike Verdu has mentioned and customization will come on the units themselves if thats what you mean.

- Will it be easy to modify?

I am personally working with the dev team to get modders even more access to our files. At the end of the day, I think those who want to learn how to mod need to realize that modding is not intended to be easy or picked up in an hour. You need to get your hands dirty and learn the techniques and tatctics of modding. But I hope that we can continue providing modders easier access to our core files.

The proof will come when we play the game, and so it's something I look forward to playing.