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— Friday, April 28, 2006 —

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CNC3 Interview Translated

An anonymous boardguest over at the PCNC Forums has translated a C&C 3 interview with Mike Verdu and Jason Bender from Dutch magazine PCGameplay. Here's his translation:
Why did you guys wait so long with making a new CC?
Mike Verdu: CC3 has been in development for a long time, but it took a while before everyone was at the same line and for the technology to become better. One thing is for sure: everything that is working on the project is very happy that we are going to make GDI and NOD come back to live.

To avoid possible misunderstandings: does this new CC3 still have anything to do with CC3: Tiberian Twilight that was dropped off several years ago?
Mike Verdu: For a while we worked on a new CC, but the development didn´t go as we expected so the game was put on hold for a while.

Who is developing this new CC?
Mike Verdu: CC3 is developed by EALA which helped with the development of Red Alert 2, CC: Generals and Battle For Middle Earth 1 and 2. At this time about 60 programmers and artists in Los Angeles work on the game.

What can we expect of the graphics?
Jason Bender: CC3 uses the latest 3D RTS-engine of EALA, a much more improved version of the engine that was used for Battle for Middle Earth 2. CC3 has an incredible detail, great light- and Bloom-effects and advanced features like Normal Maps. The water also looks amazing, but in particular it will be the explosions that are going to steal the show!

The CC-universe is known for it´s great FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences and animations. What can we expect of this new title?
Mike Verdu: A classic CC-game has to have a spectacular FMV-presentation, so the FMV-sequences will return in all their glory and will look better.

Will Joseph Kucan again take the role of Kane?
Mike Verdu: At the moment we can´t say that with certainty because we just started with the casting. But we already can say with certainty that EVA will return.

What can we expect of the multiplayer options?
Jason Bender: CC3 will of course feature the classic options and will have integrated clan-options and feature Voice-over-internet-Protocol. Currently we are working hard on the AI Style of Play-options. With this you can give the AI certain game styles which than can be chosen by the player. Do you want to practice in attacking with a rush, than give the AI Player Rush. If you want to build your base slowly and destroy a well defended enemy slowly but good than set the AI to Turtle. And so there will be a lot of game styles that are inspired by the AI of Generals and Zero Hour but that will be a lot more advanced if it´s about AI.

That all sounds very good. One last question: when can we expect CC3: Tiberium Wars in stores?
Mike Verdu: That will be somewhere in 2007. We can´t say when exactly at this time.

May I thank you for this interview?
Mike and Jason: It was a pleasure.
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