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— Thursday, April 20, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:29:35 PM ET

APOC's C&C 3 Comments

APOC, the community manager for C&C 3, passed along the following news to us today:
Hey guys,

Well, I can finally post in this thread now that the official message is out. Basically, I would just like to say that I am extremely excited to be the Community Manager for this franchise and especially this title. I don't think I ever imagined i'd be filling these shoes when I first played C&C 95 and Red Alert 1. I've got some massive community battle plans that I cannot reveal yet, but we have an epic journey ahead of us friends.

So, you'll come to learn that I (we) the development team really take your opinions seriously and constructively. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but at the end of the day, its great to see the insane amount of excitement for the simple fact that C&C is back in its truest form!

Welcome back Commander.

BTW, i've read some 2000+ posts across many boards.