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— Tuesday, April 18, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:02:06 PM ET

Command and Conquer 3

As we noted last month, the June issue of PC Gamer was said to feature a new RTS. That RTS is, indeed, Command and Conquer 3. This image has been taken of the cover by an anonymous source, and is posted around the web.

The June issue of PC Gamer has not yet come out, and we don't know exactly what the game will be about, but everything seems to be pointing to a Tiberian-universe game similar to TS. HeXetic, who seems to be one person EA is trying to make an authority on C&C, has stated here (where you can also see the image) that it will be a more 'serious atmosphere,' unlike RA2. It seems that this is where the TS similarity is, but FMV will be very expensive, and hasn't been done in a while (though sources state they will do it again for C&C 3).

I'll be picking up the June issue of PC Gamer when it hits stores around here, and I'm sure more info will leak out over the next few days. It's also possible we will see an announcement--perhaps via e-mail--from EA.

Cue the standard phrases of excitement, that, hopefully, won't be blanketed by disappointment. It's been a long few years since a true C&C...could this end that drought?

Edit: This site (not English) seems to have pinned the title as C&C 3: Tiberium Wars.
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