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— Sunday, April 16, 2006 —

Posted By: Luckie at 6:55:48 PM ET

Shake it, baby!

In Command and Conquer news, Red Alert 2's own Kari Wurher made the top 10 best In-Game Quotes from armchairempire.com. The C&C tidbit from the article goes a little something like this:
Number 8: Red Alert II (PC) “Shake it, baby!” - Agent Tanya To this very day, hearing Kari Wurher, playing Agent Tanya, shout, “Shake it, baby!” still puts a shiver of delight through my cerebral cortex. There’s something about the way it seems to roll off her tongue, like the role of Agent Tanya could only have been played by Kari (though I suppose the tank top helps, too). Imagine Sharon Stone shouting it. What about Keira Knightly, Scarlett Johanson, or Carmen Electra? It just wouldn’t work. It’s quite possibly the single greatest three words that have ever been uttered in a game and they could not have been said by anyone else.
Of course, there are other notable quotes. For me, "Shake it, baby!" is just as memorable as the Shenmue line: "Excuse me. Do you know where I can find some sailors?" (Number 3). Number one is from "World's Scariest Police Chases (PlayStation)". Has anyone even played that game? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't people have to play a game in order for it to have some sort of memorable moment?
In anycase, check out the article here.
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