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— Thursday, April 13, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:21:30 PM ET

Modding Article

There's a pretty good article on modding over at CNC Inside, a German site, discussing creativity in modding.
Modders, try to be a little bit more creative! The variety and the feeling, you have really created something yourself, couldn’t rankle the community so quickly, because the community would prefer less mods to equate and to be stopped, too. And if you want to start a mod: Take a look around, and see, if there isn’t a mod with the same scenario and apply! A mod, which is completed and offers a good quality, is much better than five, that are cancelled, isn’t it? Three years after the release of Generals it should be too late, to start a new project, but a new C&C WILL come, and then mods should be more, than just something, to keep community alive
The article is good, but I think it's off in some areas. Anyone who believes that creating a mod--even if it involves old C&C units--for Generals doesn't take creativity is wrong. Not many people are interested in simply recreating what was; to gather staff members for the mod, you have to come up with an interesting concept, as he aptly states. Coming up with something, that, on the surface is easy to pick up yet still is deep and fun, is challenging, which is why many fail to do it. It's important for many mod makers to realize that an easier way to do this is to build off other work--past C&C games for instance--and mold that. This is very much what we're doing with All-Stars, and it's what, in my view, makes modding fun and interesting. Still, the article is good, and you can read it all here.