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— Saturday, March 25, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:42:02 AM ET

TFD Editorial

In A Pessimist's Guide to C&C: The First Decade, former PCNC staffer Evan Sundwick gives a pretty good, and sadly accurate, analysis of the decisionmaking behind The First Decade, and why we never should have expected much from it in the first place. Here's a snip:
None of you should be surprised. Did you really expect that Electronic Arts' hegemony over the industry would result in a stunning collectors' edition pack of our historically important games?

That's all they are. As of right now, Command & Conquer is a ghost. It's a memory flitting through the brains of a select few – you – because the rest of the industry has passed it by. Generals has come and gone, and with no new releases in two and a half years, the franchise might as well not exist. Yes, Mr. Bonin and others have assured us that there is more to come, but empty promises must be filled with something, lest they collapse.
It's interesting that all these new info and viewpoints are coming out while Aaron Kaufman is on vacation, which probably accounts for the lack of an EA response to any of the allegations made in any article written over the past few days.