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— Saturday, February 25, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 10:35:33 AM ET

TFD Reviewed

In one of the few mostly positive reviews I've read of TFD, GameZone has given the pack an overall score of 8.8/10:
All the storylines were so creatively done it’s a wonder that Westwood or EA has not jumped on the bandwagon and gone Hollywood. I could see how some of the titles could certainly be spun to be a box office hit. Heck, cast Kari Wuhrer (Tanya the gorgeous agent from red alert 2) in it and I would sure be at the box office! In all seriousness the creativity was second to none and I surely hope that in 10 years we will be looking at a second decade of hits.
They also called it 'one of the best values around;' there's no doubt it's a great value, but it still doesn't replace another great game.