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— Tuesday, February 21, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:55:41 PM ET

Community Happenings

Quite a bit has happened recently:
  • Nyerguds from C&C Meets Star Wars has posted a fairly comprehensive review of the problems in TFD and how to address them:
    Various TD Problems
    1. Move scores.mix from the covert folder to the main folder, overwriting the (inferior) scores.mix in the main folder.
    2. Rename the movies.mix in the covert folder to scovmovs.mix and move it into the main folder.
    3. Rename the general.mix in the covert folder to scgen.mix, and move it into the main folder.
    4. Seeing as there are no files of any importance left in the covert folder, simply remove it. No, this won't cause ANY problems at all, I tested it ;)
    * Delete logo.vqa and logo.vqp to get a much cooler intro animation.
    * Apply Windows 95 compatibility mode to preview.exe to watch the cool Lands of Lore and Blade Runner trailers :)
    * If you want to make your own shortcut to C&C95.exe, make sure to open the shortcut's properties and add ' -cd.' (without the quotes) behind everything on the Target line. Don't forget the dot behind '-cd', it's crucial.

    RA Movies Problem
    1. Use XCC Mixer to open main.mix and extract movies2.mix in your RA folder.
    2. Rename the extracted movies2.mix to scsovmov.mix.

    That's all? Yes, that's all. Really. Do this and you WILL see the Soviet movies again.

    You may want to use XCC Mixer to delete movies2.mix from main.mix and save some 400 MB disk space, but that's entirely your own choice.

    Possible side effect is a slightly longer loading time when the game launches. This is because the game has to scan scsovmov.mix for usable files. Both C&C1 and RA1 scan all mixfiles starting with 'sc' for usable files, and gives them the utmost priority. C&C1 and RA1 modding is based on this principle.

  • There's a review of TFD over at Strategy Informer. They were not pleased, giving it a 7.7/10:
    Then there is the bonus DVD with its "features". The concept was a great idea, but the execution is somewhat weak if you're not a fan of a bunch of people sitting around telling you their feelings about something. Unfortunately it feels a bit more like a group therapy session than an exciting insight into the Command and Conquer series.

  • Cold War Crisis has version 1.1 of their demo online.
  • XWIS has two detailed guides on playing C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert using an DLL replacement that will add IPX support.
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