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— Friday, February 10, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:20:33 PM ET

C&C First Decade News

A number of C&C: The First Decade stories have been circulating recently.
  • First, included in the pack were two posters, one of an unknown tank. Some are speculating that these may be from Tiberian Twilight, the long rumored, but never confirmed, final installment in the C&C saga (or at least the main part of it). Small images of these posters are below. Thanks to Ackart-The-Fox from Planet CNC for getting them. Clicking the posters will take you to his external links.

  • A thread on PlanetCNC has been set up for you to report any problems you have with the pack. Main issues reported include: multiplayer on C&C Tiberian Dawn does not work; there are issues with the playback of Soviet movies (see this thread for more information on a possible workaround; there are also numerous cases of the earlier games not working with LCD monitors--try changing the refresh rate on your monitor manually.
  • Clearly, there are plenty of issues abound with the pack. I wonder how many of them EALA knew about before the shipped it...we'll see how this shakes out.