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— Thursday, February 9, 2006 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:13:47 AM ET

Louis Castle Interview

IGNPC conducted an interview with Louis Castle, co-founder of Westwood Studios, and now an executive at EALA:
IGNPC: How important has the community been over the years to driving change in the series? Have they contributed many big ideas?

Louis Castle: The C&C community is critical to driving change in that they are our most knowledgeable and devoted customers. It is critical that each title receives their approval not only with all the features they come to expect, but also with new ideas that some of them may have been thinking of as well. I could not point to a single feature that came from the fan base, but can say that their vocal commentary on what they like about the products has guided the development of features for every product in the series.

IGNPC: Something any member of the C&C community wants to know...where the hell is the next game in the franchise? And also, it's not C&C Renegade 2, is it?

Louis Castle: Come on! You know we have not announced anything yet! I'd like to tell the world, but for now I can say that the first decade of C&C won't be the last and that soon, we will be giving the fan base inspiration for a whole new chapter in our ongoing dialog.

I'm not quite sure when they've asked for our 'approval' on any title decision, but I could be missing something. Full piece here.

In addition, IGNPC has a preview of the fan created videos that are on the DVD. You can download it here.