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— Saturday, January 28, 2006 —

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C&C Hall of Fame

Aaron has passed along the following about a new feature he's setting up:
The countdown to Command & Conquer The First Decade has officially begun! We are just over one week from our February 7th ship date to strike the Command & Conquer community with a decade compilation of some of the most renowned RTS games of all time. Command & Conquer The First Decade would not be possible without the living, breathing, and gargantuan C&C community that is still salivating for anything C&C and excited about the future.

With over 100 modifications active in the C&C community and thousands of games being played every day throughout every game included in The First Decade compilation, we expect there have been some amazing scenes of destruction, chaos, humor, and rare C&C moments that exemplify what this historic RTS series is all about. It is time to capitalize on those scenes and induct them in to the official, “Command & Conquer Hall of Fame.”

Command & Conquer Hall of Fame
We are launching the Command & Conquer Hall of Fame to seek out the best screenshots ever taken for any Command & Conquer game or modification. Dig up those incredible shots, replay the games, and capture your most breath-taking moments, and send them our way for a chance to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

With this opportunity comes an exciting contest that will progress through the launch of Command & Conquer The First Decade.

Beginning Monday, January 30th and continuing each week, community members and gamers of all nature can submit a screenshot from any previous Command & Conquer game or modification from the past 10 years. From there, our EA RTS development team will pick the Top 5 screenshots based on ANY of the following criteria:

  • explosive action
  • humor and creativity
  • nostalgic effect (capturing historic moments)
  • modding creativity
  • cinematic flare

Each week, 5 screenshots will be inducted in to the Command & Conquer Hall of Fame on our official site. After a set period of time (to be determined), the community will narrow down the selection from each week through a series of voting polls to determine the top Command & Conquer screenshot of all time. The winner will receive a rare exclusive NVIDIA 7800 GT 256MB graphic card skinned with Command & Conquer. Runner-up prizes will also be given in the form of some valuable Logitech goodies. See the image below:

Rules for screenshot submission are as follows:

  • You may submit a maximum of 3 screenshots per week
  • Screenshots must be submitted as a JPG format
  • Resolution must be 1024x768 or 800x600
  • Photoshop or any graphic program are prohibited from altercations
  • Screenshots from modifications based on copyrighted licenses are prohibited
  • Screenshots from a modification can be from a project currently in production
  • Profanity and crude imaging are prohibited

Please submit all screenshots to rtscommunityleaders@ea.com. For each submission, please include your first and last name, a short caption for your screenshot, C&C game or modification your screenshot was taken from, and your e-mail address.
Once again, please submit to rtscommunityleaders@ea.com
We are very excited to launch the official Command & Conquer Hall of Fame and see what you got!
Long live C&C!

    “Every day is community day”
Feel free to post any thoughts in the comments thread.

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