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— Tuesday, December 6, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:07:38 PM ET

Modding Tool Updates

Talk about two new modding news is making its way around the community. First, Waraddict, Minh, and W3bb0, all from CNC Series have given the details and download of their new Advanced Mapping Program:
The Zero Hour Advanced Mapping Program (aka Zero AMP) allows the addition of numerous newly coded assets (we take care of that part) to the World Builder without the program being needed to play maps made by it. Better yet! Everyone is invited to submit their suggestions or helpful ini code in the Zero AMP Forum to be added for the next Zero AMP asset update! And it doesn't stop there, the best Zero AMP created maps submitted to CNCSeries will be included in the updates so as to share inspiration!
CNC Series has the download.

Second, Stucuk has announced his newest project, the UPHPS Updater. Here's the details from his post on CNC Community:
What is UPHPS Updater?
UPHPS Updater is a project which's goal is to provide the user with the latest versions of Tools/Mods for CnC. It features resume support so downloads can be resumed at a later time and if the connection with the server is broken it can resume the download.

Whats the projects status?
The main client has all the basics already finished. It is nearly ready to be released. But what's lacking is listed mods and tools.

When will it be released?
Currently there is no set release date. It really relys on how much contents are added to the list.

Is my mod/tool compatible?
The system requires that the mods/tools installers create a registary key with the program or mods version and remove it when uninstalled. This is so the client can work out if the 'software' is installed and if it needs a patch.

See NSIS for a free Installer.

How do i get my mod/tool listed?
Currently the only way to get a mod or tool listed is to contact me (Stucuk) via stuc_uk_2000 [ At ] hotmail.com

Can i get my CnC Fansite added to the banner rotation(aka 'ad bar') bit?
Yes, all CnC Fansites can be added for free. All you need is a 468*60 banner. Contact me (Stucuk) via stuc_uk_2000 [ At ] hotmail.com if you wish your site to be added.
More details at the site.
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