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— Wednesday, November 30, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:06:53 AM ET

APB Updates

Chronojam passed along the following about Red Alert: A Path Beyond, a RA1 to Renegade mod.
Staff Update: 2D Artist
-My fiancee Venompawz is trying her hand at weapon texturing, and her first attempt at this is looking pretty great. With Darkblade too busy to dedicate much time beyond general criticism at this point, having Venom on the team will help us get releases out much faster. Expect an update on this sometime soon: good things are coming

Project Vision Update
-In light of recent questions I've been asked and what I consider to be outright challenges from the community, we plan to investigate the plausibility of fitting in Westwood-quality lightmapping into a future release. I won't mention any specific dates for the inclusion; however, I would rather sooner have a release with some gameplay changes, balance tweaks, and bugfixes over the sort of graphical "bling" that lightmaps would add. Don't think we'll never get around to it, but it is not classified as a priority.

However, a true priority is a retooling of certain existing maps, both released and unreleased. Look for more news on this as it develops. In an effort to provide more truth to the original (always a focus we strive towards), we will attempt to even replicate accurately terrain details as seen in the maps and movies; your favorite trees from RA1 will make an appearance in RA:APB sometime soon! Also, the terrain will be adjusted to enhance gameplay and to improve the experience based on things learned from earlier releases.

Aircraftkiller, assisted by Tweekbee, will be responsible for these level updates. Volkov and Tweekbee will also undertake the task of replicating original terrain features.