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— Friday, November 18, 2005 —

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Mark Skaggs Interviewed

Gamespy has caught up with Mark Skaggs, the person who announced RA3 while he was working at EA, and who has now formed his own game studio, Trilogy. Here's a snip from the interview:
After finishing Battle for Middle-Earth you also announced, unofficially of course, that development of a new game in the C&C universe had commenced. The last we heard of this was that it has been put on hold. Don't you feel a little homesick? Because this is a game a big fan base is waiting for, and you seem like the designated person to lead the project.

I can't really comment on the products EA has in development. I was set up to start the next C&C, but decided that it was time to put my family first and so I took a break. I'll always love C&C style RTS games and I'm always thinking about the next product I want to make. There's probably another RTS waiting in my future, but there are also a host of other cool concepts and game ideas that I'm interested in working on. We'll see.
Full thing here.
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