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— Saturday, November 5, 2005 —

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Louis Castle: "You Haven't Seen the Last C&C"

GameSpot interviewed Louis Castle, vice president of creative development at Electronic Arts Los Angeles and co-founder of Westwood Studios. This is a snip of what he had to say:

GameSpot: First of all, happy birthday to the franchise. Ten years is quite an achievement. A couple questions about the bundle before we get to the nitty-gritty. $39.99, that seems like an awfully good deal for the package, especially for a top-tier franchise such as Command & Conquer. Why the low price point?

Louis Castle: We wanted to give back to our loyal community and avid fans and feel that this price point allows all of our fans a chance to own a great C&C collection, re-mastered to work on current operating systems, plus a special DVD of commemorative video features. We're also asking the C&C community to submit videos telling us why they are the biggest C&C fan and they may be featured on the DVD. It's a great way to let the fans feel a part of C&C history and help us celebrate the 10th anniversary. The compilation also serves as a great way for gamers to experience the series and get into the legendary franchise for the first time.

GS: The first obvious question with regard to Command & Conquer--what is the future of the franchise?

LC: We are calling it the first decade for a reason! We absolutely intend to continue making games in the C&C franchise, but nothing has been announced at this time. For all the fans reading out there, I assure you that you haven't seen the last C&C game.
(Emphasis mine) While I'm slightly skeptical of EA's claim to be 'giving back' to the community, we shall see how it turns out. In any event, there seems to be little doubt now that EA is working on, or will soon be working on, a new C&C game. Whether we will recognize it as a C&C that we love, only time will tell.

Full interview here.
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