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— Friday, November 4, 2005 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:36:14 AM ET

Command & Conquer: The First Decade

As noted by Blbpaws, the Official Generals Site now contains this image (left) with the words: Command & Conquer: The First Decade. Aaron had this to say a la CNCDEN.
I have not failed to realize what you guys want or what your screaming is all about, and neither has our development team. C&C The First Decade has more meaning than meets the eye, but let me clarify and remind, we're committed to the future of C&C. I suggest you read between the lines of my words. I would not be here as a community manager to you or personable face if there was no reason. Take what you want from my words, but I can only assure you, put your fears and doubts to rest. Committed is a word I standby, and you have my word on that.
Committed: that seems clear by now.

Also, thanks to some detective word by a forum member over at CNCNZ, it appears that "Command & Conquer: The First Decade is a new compilation pack of all the C&C games bundled on DVD, expected for release on the 18th of February 2006.". Where does this information come from? Do a Google search for "Command & Conquer: The First Decade" and you will find a South African retailer listing the item.

Furthermore, that fits in nicely with my discovery of that Interesting FTP Folder (generalszh_dvd) yesterday. Also noteworthy is that the URL for the image shown above is the following:
Anyone care to do some URL sniffing?

Quick Update: Check out this new news article on Yahoo!
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