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— Saturday, September 17, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 8:51:52 AM ET

Preview of Project Exodus

Over at Planet CNC, they have a preview of a mod being developed for YR, Project Exodus. Here's a quote:
In an early August 2005 news post, Planet CnC reported on two screenshots from Exodus, a mod currently hosted at Project Perfect Mod forums. The pictures were of structures modeled with 3D Studio MAX and Corel Photo-Paint. The praise has been unanimous, that the work was professional quality, and more professional than what EA had done.

Exodus is based on Red Alert 2's game engine and is set in a typical fictional background. It has received inspiration from many a sci-fi work, among them movies, images, renders, and books. Titles include Fallout, StarCraft, Dark Reign, Allies Revenge 2 and Tiberian Sun. Being a mod, Exodus may not at first glance differ in essence from the traditional C&C formula, or for that matter the traditional real time strategy formula, but the project leader wants to make Exodus different.
Full thing here.