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— Sunday, September 11, 2005 —

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CNCNZ's Petro Interviews II

CNCNZ has a second part in their series of interviews with Petroglyph, and former Westwood, employees. The now have interviews up with famed Community Manager Chris "Delphi" Rubyor, and Frank Klepacki, creator of all the music for C&C before Generals. Here are snips from both:
CNCNZ: For those who worked on the original C&C, how does it feel to know you had a hand in creating what most people would describe as the game that defined Real Time Strategy?

Frank Klepacki: Feels awesome. I've really embraced it and accepted it as such. In the beginning, I was really surprised how well it was received, and even more shocked how well the music went over. I never would have thought back then that a soundtrack to a game could have that much of an impact.

CNCNZ: If you could travel back in time what would you go back and change in any of the C&C games?

Chris Rubyor: Create a community management team that would have started the day Westwood added Internet support to the C&C line.
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