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— Friday, September 2, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:52:08 PM ET

Flak's Steak House VI

Flak from CNC Depot has interviewed Banshee, of Project Perfect Mod. Here's a quote:
Flak: Where do you see the OMC going in the future? Will other game genres be included aswell? Banshee: The next OMC will probably happen in the beginning of the next year. This edition was harder to organize and required more time for submissions because contestants could submit one entry for each of the 3 games. So, I can't start another Open Map Competition in the end of this year. I've seen many people requesting me to include Renegade in the next edition. Aaron Kaufman also asked me if I could include Battle For Middle Earth. Including these games depends on the interest from webmasters that runs sites related to these games. I don't know many sites that support Renegade. Battle For Middle Earth has a larger community, but many people might complain that 'Battle For Middle Earth isn't Command & Conquer', including webmasters who helped me to organize it.
Full thing here.