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— Saturday, August 27, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:09:14 PM ET

GR Celebrates CNC10

Our affiliate, Game Replays is celebrating the 10th anniversary of CNC next week. Here's their release:
Next wednesday, August 31, the first ever Command and Conquer game - Tiberian Dawn - will be having its 10th anniversary, and we from GameReplays.org will be celebrating for a full month with prizes, competitions and tournaments for the CnC fanbase, with the sponsorship of Electronic Arts Germany.

To start things on the right foot, Boss Generals R3 (Release 3) has just been released, and we're proud to announce its first Replay Competition. The two winners will earn a BattleField2™ game (or another EA game if you prefer), and the second placed guys will earn exclusive Command and Conquer Generals posters that we've got straight from EA Germany. If you're a serious CnC fan, you can't miss that! Check here for the rules.