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— Thursday, August 25, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 10:09:12 AM ET

MidEast Crisis Release Today

ISOTX, one of the newer mod studios, has passed along the following annoucement concerning the mod featuring a fictional war between Israel and Syria, as well as their mod utility Mod Toaster that allows for switching between multiples mods:
Mandarax (ISOTX): The hour approaches. MidEast Crisis is complete, and ModToaster is ready to roll. Only time and a fried internet system in Switzerland stand between these first two ISOTX productions and public release. People, it’s time to hold your breath. I’ve had the great honor of working on and testing both of these projects and all I can say is that I’m extremely impressed by the professionalism and quality apparent throughout the projects. You all are in for some real treats. Come Hell or high water, these WILL release within hours, whether Ome Vince can be online to make the post or not. Keep checking the site! It’ll come any time now!
While you wait for the mod release, they have 14 screenshots of helicopters in action here. Update: It's been released. Get it at their website.
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