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— Saturday, July 9, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:49:08 PM ET

Huge Roundup

With me being gone for over a week, and with the rest of this kind staff "forgetting" to post the news, we're way behind. Here's what's happened:
  • CNC DEN has 5 new ZH maps and one new mission for Generals.
  • CNC World has 36, yes 36, new TS maps, with 20 more coming.
  • CNCNZ has a new article titled 'GLA Upgrades' about the various ways GLA units can be upgraded by picking up scrap.
  • Planet CNC has a piece on a new mod, currently unnamed.
  • Cold War Crisis has a new render and 5 new in-game screens. Render is of the M109 Paladin. They're also looking for English speaking voice actors--more info here.
  • On behalf of the staff of CNCGeneralsWorld, I'd like to offer our condolences to the legendary Frank Klepacki on the death of his father Edward Klepacki. Frank's music will be forever remembered in the CNC games preceding Generals. You can find Frank's tribute on his site.
  • Renegade: A New Hope has eight new screenshots.
  • CNC Reborn has a new Mammoth MKII skin, as well as a new, very well done, Ghost Stalker model.
  • CNCRenEclips has a slew of new renders.
  • Cannis Rules for YR has been updated to 1.8. See the change list here.
And I've also updated the poll here. The results of the last one are below. For those interested, I agree with the results of the poll. Personally, I think (and hope) we won't see a CNC for anything besides a PC for a while.

The next CNC will be...
CNC 3 for PC
RA 3 for PC
CNC 3 for a console
RA 3 for a console
CNC 3 for a handheld
RA 3 for a handheld

Total Votes: 72

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