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— Wednesday, June 1, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:54:17 PM ET

Large Roundup

Few tidbits from the last few days, complete with pictures:
  • CNC DEN has a very good drawing by Mikael. See it below.
  • Cold War Crisis has released two new renders. The one below is the EF-111 Raven.
  • The C&C Auraxis Mod (C&C: Generals) is looking for a skinner. See some of their work here and e-mail Dj2Stalker@aol.com if you're interested.
  • Planet CNC's Photoshop Aaron contest has ended. HeXetic, the administrator of the contest, had the following comments:
    With a couple of dozen submissions sent in by about a dozen people, the "Photoshop Aaron" contest is now closed and I will going over the entries - possibly with Aaron's help - presently in order to determine who will be Teh Winar. Thanks to all who sent in entries!
  • Operation: Restore Justice has been interviewed by a German website, CNC Inside. There are two versions of the interview, one in English and one in German.
  • CNCNZ announces that they are in the planning stages for their 10 year celebration of the release of CNC: Tiberian Dawn. I hope and expect that eventually CNC Community, the community's fansite, will take over planning for the celebration. Good to know CNC has lasted so long...now it's time to begin the second ten years, this time under EA.
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