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— Sunday, May 29, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 11:55:52 AM ET

Quick News Roundup

Today will be a quick news post, which means, sadly, no pictures:
  • Vietnam Reborn has a new render of the NVA Amphibious Transport.
  • CNC DEN has a new poll, as well as 14 new ZH replays, a ZH mission, some fan art, a war story entitled Handover, and a new Generals map.
  • CNC Reborn has a new render and 11.5 MB video of the GDI Barracks.
  • An Act of War has a new render of their first Iraqi unit, the Assad Babl 2 Tank. For those of you who don't speak Arabic, that means "Lion of Babylon 2".
  • CNCNZ has a new survey online.