C&C Labs News Wire

— Tuesday, May 24, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:03:42 PM ET

Restore Justice Complete--Mod Roundup

  • Operation: Restore Justice, a ZH mod, is complete! Congrats to the team!
  • CNC DEN has a new map called Mologu Tiao, by VoodooBenshee.
  • Aircraftkiller has made a video showing a recreation of the famous ORCA chase from old time CNC. You can find the 3DS7 file at his website.
  • Despite what was originally said, you still have one more week to complete PlanetCNC's current Photoshop AARON! contest. They've also posted a new essay up called Kane's Tiberian Vision. It's good, and I recommend it.
  • Red Alert: A Path Beyond has a new render of the Allied APC. See it below:
  • Road to Moscow has 2 new renders, one of which, the Soviet Battle Bunker, is seen below. The other is the Tesla Coil.
  • An Act of War has a render of the Patriot PAC-4. It uses nearby radar for targeting assistance.