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— Thursday, April 7, 2005 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:47:09 PM ET

RTS Philosophy: An Interview with Louis Castle

GameSpy has a very interesting article online, posted yesterday, that features an interview with Westwood Studios co-founder Louis Castle. Louis Castle is currently the VP of Creative Development at EALA. The article is entitled The EA RTS Philosophy: A Conversation with Louis Castle and is a must-read. Here's a quote from Castle that may be of particular interest to Command & Conquer fans:
We are dedicated to Command & Conquer products, and with each one we will look to make sure and match the most appropriate fiction to the gameplay benefits we feel the market will be most excited about. We are currently working on something new -- it's in the early stages of concept development -- and we are currently considering our many options. It's not unusual during the genesis of a game to start leaning towards one concept but then find that the gameplay lends itself to something else -- we've already taken the concept in a new and exciting direction that is vastly different than what we initially proposed. Whatever we do, though, I can promise that we will be faithful to the story presentation set in previous products and we hope to build upon that fiction.
The article provides a lot of insight into the game development process at Electronic Arts, and also hints at what the future may have in store for Command & Conquer. Be sure to give the article a read here.

Also, Aaron has confirmed to the community that Patch 1.04 will be released Wednesday, April 13th. Here's what he had to say:
Patch 1.03 for C&C: Zero Hour was a massive patch, but unfortunately it brought about some unintended technical issues with it. While you won’t find the latest C&C: Zero Hour patch 1.04 to be hardly as massive, we were able to address some of the top critical issues that the patch brought to the community. It is going to be a very small patch, but based upon your community feedback, these were the top issues which warranted the most critical fixing:

1. GLA WORKER – Slow supply gather rate problem fixed.
2. Online lobby sorts alphabetically instead of by rank.
3. Mountain Fox – Missing bridge bug has been fixed.

We will release Patch 1.04 for C&C: Zero Hour this Wednesday, April 13th.
I'm sure all the Generals Online players will be looking forward to having the GLA worker bug fixed, in particular.
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